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Donna Gilmore
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Moonbird Studios is the best!
Mika Gilmore
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The Moonbird Studios team did an outstanding job helping me buy and create my first real estate website.
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We hired Moonbird Studios because they are the perfect team for real estate projects.


A beautiful stone home
A beautiful home with a stone wall in front
hiring a property manager

Investment Properties are a solid foundation for earning passive income. However, managing an investment property without the proper tools and resources like an established property management company such as Castle Keep can be time-consuming and difficult. By delegating property management tasks to professionals, as an owner you can alleviate any stress associated with investment property. Items we specialize in:


  • Market Knowledge and Rental Rate Optimization: Castle Keep Property Management has a deep understanding of the local rental market. Our office not only houses property managers, but we have real estate agents as well. Together we can provide you with valuable insights on rental rates, market trends and property marketing strategies. Working in partnership with Castle Keep will help you optimize your income, and market informed decisions regarding rent adjustments and property improvements
  • Tenant Screening and Placement. We are experts in finding and screening tenants. We will handle marketing and advertising of your property, conduct background checks, verify employment and rental history
  • Rent Collection and Financial Management: Castle Keep excels at maintaining property financial records and collecting rents for property owners. We can provide regular financial reports and assist with budgeting and expense management. We help ensure your investment property remains profitable and financially well-managed
  • Property Maintenance & Repairs: Castle Keep understands and values the importance of regular property maintenance. We staff multiple maintenance technicians and carpenters with a 24-hour emergency line for property owners and tenants to use in the event of an emergency. Our technicians handle repairs promptly and conduct inspections regularly to identify any potential issues. We also have an extensive network of reliable contractors for any items that are out of our ability to handle

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